Jayne Jones Beauty

Sourdeval, Normandy

Mens Body Maintenance     

We all like to feel good about ourselves - men included, so I have put together a range of treatments which are available especially for men. All treatments are carried out in the privacy of my own salon, and as a qualified practitioner, you can be assured that all procedures are carried out in strictest confidence.

Spray Tanning

Ever wanted to look like you have been somewhere hot all the year around - well now you can. Sienna Spray tanning gives you that “sun dipped” glow without the dangers of harmful UVA sun rays.  As Sienna Tanning Product is enriched with aloe vera, and other natural top quality ingredients your skin will be actively moisturised and nourished - making you feel and look great.

Performance feet!

Your feet are one of the hardest working parts of your body - we rely on them to keep us upright and to get us through the trials and tribulations of our day - so why not indulge them from time to time. You can enjoy the luxury of a foot soak and massage, nail cutting and filing, removal of hard skin - your feet will feel better instantly - in fact you will think you are walking on air!

Want a smooth physique – then think body waxing

Not all men like the hairy “he man” effect, and often find their own body hair embarrassing - waxing could be the solution for you. Waxing is not as painful as you might think and I can offer you back and leg waxing which will effectively remove hair for up to six weeks - repeated treatments will eventually weaken growth and reduce re-growth - so you can have that smooth hair-free skin that you have always wanted.

Hand and Nail treatments

Your hands are one of the first things that a person sees when you first meet, and you often find that your hands and nails get neglected - particularly if you are doing heavy manual work. Why not treat yourself to a hand massage and manicure - the procedure involves a hand soak and massage, nail trimming and cuticle work.

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